Wooden Furniture

Wooden Furniture

Wooden Furniture — Choosing wooden furniture is not easy but not too difficult. Wood furniture is synonymous with style and ethnic home country is one of the interior of the home that many people choose. Unique texture and sinews give the impression of a natural and warm. Do not need a grand house with excessive accessories to bring a fresh, comfortable and beautiful into the room.


Wooden Furniture



modern wooden furniture designs



You can experiment with wood furniture brings some elements into the room of the house. For example, on your bed, closet, your child’s bedroom furniture, and chairs in the living room. You also can choose a smaller wooden furniture as accessories, like towel rack, mirror frame, or place your magazine.


simple wooden furniture designs


Some of the following can be used as a reference in choosing wood furniture. Select the type of wood is good. Choosing home furniture from weather-resistant wood species and termites such as teak, ebony, mahogany and merbau. Note the bark surface. Choosing a wood texture with smooth muscle without a lot of “eyes” and putty. How this is done for the solid wood and wood finishing that still show the original. You also need to pay attention to the wood finishing techniques. Melamik, shiny furniture, pore – pore closed timber, scratch resistant but not impact resistant. If coated with Polyurethane (Pu), furniture a bit shiny, pore – pore closed timber, scratch and impact resistant. Nitrocelulose layer (NC), making the furniture is not as shiny, pore – pore wood is still visible, lasting impact and scratches. Another thing that distinguishes melamik with PU and NC, that melamik not fit in place in a closed room and air conditioning because removing strong odors. As the high price of real wood, there are substitute products which many on the market such as Plywood, MDF and Particle board. Finally, choose furniture that suits the house room and your house needs — Wooden Furniture.