Wooden Frames for Mirrors

Wooden Frames for Mirrors

The use of mirrors as elements present interior lot is applied by the decorators. The mirror was transformed into vocal point in space. The mirror is no longer just found in the room or in the toilet, but has expanded its use to the public nature of the space in the home, such as in the living room and family room. Nature of the reflection mirror which can be utilized to enhance the area in a relatively narrow space, often applied in interior decorating an apartment or small house.


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decorative wooden framed mirrors


As a decorative element, the mirror can not be released to the frame. The mirror frame is also interesting is placed on the walls of your home. Wooden frames for mirrors can be chosen as decorative element. It can make a room feel warm. Become attractive interior accents mirror when placed near the entrance of the house. Much more beautiful when mounted beneath the console. There, you can check your appearance before traveling. Table also serves as a place to put your car keys or mail when you get into the house. Give a decorative plant pot on the table. Reflection in the mirror is beautiful.


unfinished wooden framed mirrors



wooden framed mirror


To place a mirror on the room of the house, you can put it in the hallway, living room, family room, bathroom and other rooms, because the mirror will add its own beauty in the room, including the room will feel more open and airy, so this adds to the comfort of your family . However, in practice, to put a mirror on the wall sought not just plug it in, because it can make the ambience even be less than perfect. Interior experts suggest, no matter where you intend to install a mirror, make sure the scene is reflected in the mirror is really worth. A mirror in front of the window will reflect the beautiful scenery outside. Not only that, he gives the illusion of a second window. Interesting architectural features when confronted with the mirror will be reflected in and give the impression of balance in the room.