Wooden chairs – the best preservation practices

Wooden chairs – the best preservation practices

Chairs are equally important when it comes to your interior design as the rest of the furniture – tables, sofas, wardrobes, etc. And they also share one of the furniture peculiarities – they can be made of quite a few different materials: wood, metal, plastic, tropical wood, etc. This article aims to touch on the wooden chairs and the best ways to keep them in perfect condition.

The two biggest enemies of wooden furniture, especially wooden chairs are sunshine and humidity. Chairs unlike the rest of the furniture bits are far more likely to be exposed to the direct activity of the sun or to the demolishing effects of humidity; hence they require more extensive care. So, in case you need to take your wooden chairs outside for a garden party for example, it would be a good idea to put them in the shades. Still, if they need to be in the sunshine, but are not occupied, then it would be wise to use some piece of textile, which will not let the sun get to them. This way you will prevent the wood from drying out and will protect its varnish.

The second biggest threat is air humidity. Keeping wooden chairs in direct exposure to high humidity, let us say sprinkles, rain or snow can have harmful effects on your chairs. So, as soon as the first rain drops appear, make sure that your chairs are taken inside to a dry spot. In the unlucky event of spilling water, coffee, juice or any other liquid over the chairs, it should be wiped out immediately. Still, if by any chance it dries out, you should immediately clean the stains. If they are really hard to remove, do use some mild detergent. You should however by all means avoid the use of solvents in proximity to the wooden chairs, as they will easily spoil the varnish.

To round the article up, it is important to point out that despite all your best efforts, the varnish and the paint of the chairs will slowly, but surely start coming off. Whenever the process occurs, be sure to polish them and apply the necessary varnish to help preserve them for a longer time spell.