Wood planks for interior design

Using wood planks for design seems to be a big trend in home décor right now. A lot of people love wood walls, and are using wood planks to make them. People know little about how these planks can be used for various things and not just as flooring material, you just need a little bit of imagination and you may find yourself doing something creative.

wooden planks in bathroom


ceiling wood planks

Wood goes best with a white interior. As you can see, the bedroom is all white, and has a sliding door made from wood planks. The wooden door gives the white bedroom a whole new look, and not just a plain, simple white design. Wood planks can be used to accent your fireplace, if you have got one. You can nail down the planks around the fireplace with just a simple gap, making it look like a panel.  Wood planks are also great for table tops. So if you have an old table, use planks to revive it and make it look better.

wood house

Wood planks can be used for bathroom decoration. The walls in the bathroom can be covered in dark or light wood. You can even match the walls with the sink or bathtub, by making the outermost layer wooden. For example, check the picture we have provided you with. The outside of the sink has a wooden layer, and stays perfect with the wall. Wood planks are used for ceiling design.

wooden planks in kitchen

You can build new shelves for your memorabilia or basically anything. All you need is two L shaped metal bars and the wood planks will serve as the surface itself. Just make sure you secure the planks. If you are looking the give your home interior a new look, without having to spend hundreds of dollars, consider using wood planks. They are great for innovative design and will improve your home in ways you haven’t even thought about.