Wood Ceiling Design

Wood Ceiling Design

Wood ceiling design is a natural aspect that you can apply at the ceiling at home. The atmosphere of the village will look at every home accents can also blur the boundaries between home and the surrounding environment, so the house looks together with nature. However, to obtain adequate lighting to avoid the use of wood that were dominant at the ceiling. This can be varied by the application timber that is ready to use or have been through the process of finishing.



wood ceiling design ideas



wood ceiling design


You can make the indentation or groove ceiling in wood ceiling design. Wood or boards used to make the ceiling seem simple. On some home design features skylights, should be a gap in the ceiling so that light remains inside. Another simple thing to do is to paint the ceiling of your house so it seemed light and open. Then try to view the framed ceiling effect. To create a great ceiling height and can use traditional board 90 degrees. In the selection of colors, if the wood was painted only in accordance with the natural color will look like a piece of wood that did not seem interesting, for it to use a darker color giving the impression of weathered and antique. The use of wood as the ceiling can also create an atmosphere of relaxed and soft.


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To create an unusual creations, you can apply a pattern or paint the ceiling with a unique detail, so that if given the lighting could be an interesting architectural decoration for your home, such as Swiss-style house and Sweden. Traditional motifs of flowers can also be selected. However, in general, more people use the wood a darker color. The treatment is generally known to-ceiling wooden bulkhead usually use wood with natural colors. Usually wooden ceiling was replaced every ten years, due to susceptible wood moist. And to maintain in order to stay beautiful wood, usually selected wood with a darker color. To align the timber with other furniture in a room, give more light elements, with your wood ceiling design.