White kitchen design ideas and tips

The white color in the interior design can make any room feel light and airy. It will create the illusion of more space and open up the existing space. In this post, we will give you a few ideas and tips on furnishing and decorating your kitchen in white.

The white color looks great in modern kitchens. So, if you’re choosing a color scheme for your modern kitchen, you can safely pick white. This color never goes out of fashion in clothing, as well as interior design. Install hardwood flooring with natural, glossy finish. This will create an attractive, solid base for the modern kitchen furniture and appliances. Choose counters and cabinets with simple, elegant shape and clean lines. The white, highly polished, glossy surfaces will reflect natural light from the windows and artificial light from the lighting fixtures, making the kitchen look brighter. You can choose wooden countertops with natural finish to match the hardwood flooring. To break the monotony of the interior design, place a few colorful accents like green barstools, lights and some small appliances. This will make the space more dynamic.

modern kitchen

An all white color scheme is a great choice for a modern minimalist kitchen. You can choose this style of interior design for small living spaces. It is appealing to the eye and can save you some space. This doesn’t mean that you throw out most of your personal belongings. You can find tons of clever and creative storage options. This way, your modern minimalist kitchen will be perfectly usable, with all the necessary items for any kitchen. Choose ultra modern furniture and accessories with simple shapes and straight lines. The sleek, glossy, white furniture will reflect more light, making your small kitchen look and feel bigger and brighter. If you choose this type of interior design for your kitchen, keep in mind that it may be a little harder to maintain. You may need to rub all the surfaces after each meal. That’s why a minimalist-style kitchen is a good choice for people, who don’t use the kitchen much.

minimalist kitchen

A white color scheme can also be used with modern industrial interior design. This style of interior design is more common for lofts, but you can use some of its characteristic elements in any kitchen. If you want to furnish and decorate an industrial style kitchen, install polished concrete flooring. Polished concrete has a unique and attractive appearance. Plus, it is affordable, durable and easy to maintain. Exposed bricks are another distinctive feature of the industrial style interior design. You can leave their natural color or paint the exposed bricks white. Open pipes, painted in white will add a great industrial accent to your modern kitchen. Choose contemporary kitchen furniture with sleek, glossy surfaces and stainless steel appliances and fixtures. To make your kitchen feel warmer, add some beautiful wood accents with natural finish.

industrial kitchen

The white color can also be used in rustic kitchen interior design. Wood is an essential element for a rustic kitchen. Your rustic kitchen doesn’t necessarily have to be furnished in an antique style. Modern interior design trends leave many opportunities for innovative rustic furnishing. You just need to create an informal, domestic and rural atmosphere in your kitchen. In your white kitchen, add a rustic tone with traditional wood furniture. Exposed dishes and cutlery are an important element in rustic kitchen interior, so choose cabinets with glass doors or open kitchen shelves. Your cookbooks can add a point of interest in the rustic kitchen. You don’t need to use too many antique details and natural materials in your kitchen to create a rustic feel. A clever combination of lighting and plain white surfaces can also help you achieve the desired rustic atmosphere.

rustic kitchen

A white color scheme can be used in all styles of kitchen interior design. To keep the kitchen from becoming boring, be creative with your choice of surfaces and materials. Choose a style of interior design you like and adapt it to the white color scheme.