White ceramic corner sink for your bathroom

A corner sink is a great space-saving solution for small bathrooms. It can help you make the limited space functional and convenient. In this post, we will show you some white ceramic corner sink designs.

A wall mounted corner sink is affixed to the wall. This option is great for small bathrooms, since it will leave some usable space below the sink. You can place a wastebasket under your corner sink. No matter how small the space under your corner sink, it still creates the illusion of more floor space, giving your bathroom a larger visual feel. There are wall mounted corner sink designs, which feature a decorative cover that’s installed over the plumbing and drain pipe. This can add a nice finishing touch to your small bathroom.

corner sink

A pedestal corner sink is somehow related to the wall mounted variety, because the basin is attached to the wall, but rests on a pedestal that supports it from underneath. This type of corner sink is another great option for a small bathroom, since there’s no need for a vanity. However, a pedestal corner sink, just like a wall mounted corner sink, doesn’t provide any storage options, which you get with bathroom vanities.

pedestal sink

If you need a place to store items in your small bathroom, you should choose a corner sink cabinet. With this option, the sink is placed in a cutout in the vanity top, secured in place by the rim of the sink. This type of corner sink will still save some space in your small bathroom, but it will provide additional storage space.

white corner sink

A white ceramic corner sink is the perfect solution for small bathrooms. Ceramic sinks are durable and easy to clean. However, they can be chipped or cracked, if they’re knocked hard enough. The white color is a great choice for any style of bathroom interior and any color scheme.