What distinguishes eco-homes from ordinary homes?

What distinguishes eco-homes from ordinary homes?

The eco trends are everywhere – from clothing to interior design. This article, however, will comment briefly on a typical eco-home by highlighting its main features, so that a better understanding can be conveyed.

Let us start by describing the construction site – the site choice is important. It is great if it can have a southern layout, so that there is plenty of sunlight. It should be surrounded by lots of greenery, as eco buildings and surrounding plants walk hand in hand. Once the right site has been selected, it is time to start the construction process. Contemporary eco-homes can use as much as 60 % of recycled materials, it is crazy but even recycled car parts can be of use! With regards to the interior, it should by all means be modern and functional; however the most important peculiarity is that it should save both energy and water. Hence, glass is widely used in the interior of similar homes; it does let the sunshine come through, so that the heating costs will be reduced.

Energy efficiency is essential nowadays. Therefore, solar panels are commonly used in eco-houses. The utilization of solar energy is the key to minimizing your electricity consumption and keeping your electricity costs down. When it comes to interior lighting, it is a wise investment to use energy-saving light bulbs, controlled by photocells. This way, the lights will be on only when they need to be.

And since we have introduced the topic of efficiency, you should keep in mind that water should also be used wisely. Earth cannot survive without water and we should adopt a more dedicated, sustainable and responsible approach when it comes to water consumption. Eco-homes usually have a developed recycle system, which purifies the water after its indoor consumption, so that it can be used for watering the surrounding greenery.
Now, greenery and the yard around the eco-house are of supreme importance. The more live plants there are the better! The positive effects are countless; here are the most important ones: oxygen level is high, which does create a more spacious atmosphere; harmful gases are kept to a minimum; the whole surrounding area is cooler!