Ways to create a sound proof room

If you like staying in silence or you want to own your personal recording studio, then you will have to build a sound proof space to do that. The procedure is a little more complicated that it sounds. The materials and techniques needed to make a sound proof require skills and money. There are two options open to you. The first one is to completely build a sound proof room, and the second is adding quick solutions.

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The walls and ceiling in a sound proof room should be thicker than normal, although not necessarily denser. You can do this by using a sound proof compound called Green Glue. It helps convert sound energy to heat energy, which helps absorb the sound. It is applied the same way as caulk and is used to laminate an existing wall or ceiling.

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The floors must be adjusted as well in order to create a sound proof room. The best way to soundproof the floor is by adding suitable carpeting. Soundproof mats can be purchased at music stores and can be easily installed just by following the manufacturer’s recommendations. For the sound proof room, you will also need to install panels. You can get some cheap acoustic panels but it is better to get some high quality ones. Make sure you have appropriate wall structures to attach your panels to in your sound proof room.

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For quick sound proof solutions, you may opt for blankets. They help absorb a good amount of sound when mounted on the walls in the sound proof room. Bookshelves also help make the walls thicker and improve the sound proof effect. They help create an effective sound barrier. Vibration insulation pads are also useful to keep speakers from annoying everyone around you. If you are an artist, recorder or a studio producer, follow the tips above to create the perfect sound proof room.