Warm and Chic Living Room Area Rugs

Warm and Chic Living Room Area Rugs

Living room area rugs have become art objects whose function is more than just a floor covering. Function is to keep the floor rug or carpet to stay warm when used as bedding, cushion, or when stepped on. In addition, exotic rugs can provide the value of other homes in the interior. Adjustments to the theme of the house motif rug and the room was very important condition for the function room rug as a sweetener can be created. Rugs can be a value-added from the entrance, living room, up to the bedroom. It is important to find the right decision to give the best look at the color and the environment of a room. Many residents complete the family room floor with rug. Various shapes, colors, and materials can make a room warm impression.


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In general, the rug can be applied in accordance with the space and function space. Rugs are commonly used in the form of a box or rectangle. Other forms may be applied, but it needs to combine caution because so often do not comply with the harmonization of space. Ruged floor can be divided into two types. First, the rug unit commonly used as a sweetener room accents. Motifs and the colors are very diverse with a variety of raw materials as well. Also vary in size with a box shape, square, or circle. The second type of rug that is permanently affixed to the floor throughout the room. This type of rug is only suitable for use in subtropical areas or rooms that use air conditioning or air conditioning. We often meet him at the office or hotel room.


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Only, the laying of the rug should be tailored to the vastness of space, not to make a claustrophobic space. To stick on the floor, you should choose a rug with a small or medium size and has carved a high art for the room seem to be exclusive. Need not be expensive, but still consider exotica and harmony with the color of the walls or other furniture. Matter of form, anything to be seen from the proportions of the space dimension. Rug oval shape tends to fit when placed in the foyer. If placed in the living room or family room, the table above must be smaller than the dimensions of the rug. This order is not drowned out by furniture rug on it. Rectangular rug is ideal because it will generally be in accordance with the pattern of settlement of furniture, like sofas and coffee table or end table.


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Rugs should be cleaned regularly. General weakness is often soiled rug dust. For this you need a vacuum cleaner. Do not use other tools because it actually be dangerous. In order for the rug still looks nice and clean, keep it in a dry rug. Be diligent to examine the state of the rug from the air and insects.