Wardrobe for your small bedroom

The two most important things you need to have in your bedroom are a bed and a wardrobe. Mirrors, desks, chairs are also stuff that you would like to have, but they are not as important as the bed and wardrobe. There are a lot of different designs for wardrobes depending on the individual they are made for. Most girls are never satisfied with having a small wardrobe, but when you have a small room, you need to improvise and make the best out of what you have.

wardrobeThe wardrobe that takes the less room is the one with the sliding doors. In this case, you do not need to provide space in front of the wardrobe for when you want to open it. As seen in the picture, we have a wardrobe with two sliding doors. One is for hanging clothes such as shirts, jackets, scarves, etc. and the other one has shelves in it for daily used clothes which include t-shirts, jeans, hats and so on.




In the picture of the wardrobe when open, you can also see that it has a sock and underwear compartment to the right. Everyone needs one of those. Keep in mind that if you have a small wardrobe and can’t fit all your stuff inside, some people also have a wardrobe in their corridor or hallway. Just make sure it has a similar color to that of the corridor walls so it can blend in. Also, you need to have empty corridor space in order to achieve that.


A lot of apartments I have been to have a wardrobe directly fitted in one of the walls of the hallway. In this case, the wardrobe blends in perfectly and it does not even seem like there is a wardrobe there. However, that is the case mostly with old apartments and a lot of people don’t take it into consideration nowadays.