Wallpaper Interior Design Ideas

Wallpaper Interior Design Ideas

Decorate the walls of the room or activity room wall with the wallpaper is not a job that can be done poorly, nor shall the work done by the lack of confidence. Wallpapering to do the work it takes courage to choose the wallpaper pattern, hang up or put it neatly, so that the wallpaper can be installed properly and enjoyed by the occupants of the room in a long time. If you want to experiment on decorating wallpaper, start of a job or a small project (volume and value of his project). Ask the sales assistant of a home decorating shop to make sure that you have purchased and have all the equipment necessary to install theĀ wallpaper interior design ideas.


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Not only a refined motif shaped geometric pattern, but also other forms of ceria derived from images of flowers and a refreshing atmosphere like a branch that is processed into more pop-nge. Wallpaper is also still have a white coating that makes it more neutral to be combined with a heavy wooden pattern. Wallpaper slick dark colors tend to be used on the walls of the room, while the bright colors more appropriate use in small rooms. Wallpaper is vertical to the wall of the room is not too high, it will “juggle” a small room seem to be high or shorter. Striped wallpaper and the boxes are worth it you choose to decorate your home modern minimalist design. Vine motifs, flowers, or the matching lines to clear away your house or a modern Mediterranean-style classic. Motif wallpaper for children tend to be more complicated than adults. If adults prefer the simple motifs and simple, decorative motifs to the walls of the nursery should be selected that triggers a colorful and inspirational power of thought and creativity, from the comic and cartoon characters, space, sports, or technology.


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For wallpaper interior design ideas, you must remember that it will stick to wallpaper your walls in a long time. Do not let any parts that are too light or too complicated, because you’ll regret it later. Try to produce a simple yet cheerful without being too prominent (pattern and color). Select and use colors that blend with other colors that are in the room, or a color that blends with the color of the existing furniture in the room .. Wallpaper should be performed together with ceiling and wall, rather than a dividing border between the two. Wallpaper, like cosmetics for the face, it should be ‘whispered softly’ rather than ‘screaming hysterically’.