Wall Painting Ideas

Wall Painting Ideas

Wall painting ideas — If you start thinking about redesigning the interior of your home, start by painting the back. However, repainted the room in your house can not be home. There needs to be calculated and appropriate consideration. A lot of things you should consider before starting your work at home painting. The selection of colors to paint should also be a consideration. In this article there are several examples of image fusion paint colors on the walls of the house.


wall painting ideas



wall painting


Principles of composition in house paint colors must flow, that is, movement from one color to another color to show continuity. But what if a combination of two very contrasting paint? For example, red brick with white? How to make a connection? Why should the contrast? Maybe because you want to make a surprise while creating a tunnel effect in the room. To create a different design, use furniture that contains both a contrasting color. A room with two red and white, will look together when there is a red sofa with white cushions, or vice versa. You also can use a painting or framed painting that has two dominant colors are the same as the two wall colors. Example, in one of the bedroom wall in the image below. On the wall of the bedroom there are two paint colors: white and purple. The wall painting ideas combine two colors so as to create two different sense of space.


wall painting decoration



The selection of colors you can customize to your liking, and also note the composition of each color. No need to balance. You can choose one dominant color and other colors as a complement. You can combine white with green or white with orange. And which also point to note is, the selection of furniture support space. Make sure the furniture-furniture that you have a color matching the color of wall paint. For example in the living room, you can paint the living room wall with a red and white. Choose a sofa with white and red room with red accessories — wall painting ideas.