Vintage bathroom decor

Vintage bathroom decor

When considering redecorating the bathroom, most people are thinking of replacing the floor, shower, or toilet with a new model. However, a growing number of designers and homeowners are finding that placing antique furniture in the bathroom will create a stunning decor and a lot of expectations. Now, the bathroom seen much more than just a little room to shower. The bathroom has become a refuge for some people and reflects the tastes of homeowners more than just tile. The decoration of bathroom become means of expression for some people. Their idea and creativity make decoration of bathroom become more attractive day by day.


vintage bathroom decorating ideas



vintage bathroom decorating


You can use traditional furniture pieces in nontraditional ways in their bathroom. There are two basic ways furniture can be used in the bath room, which is integrated or stand alone. With the integration method, the furniture is converted for use as part of a bathroom water system. For example, antique cupboards and tables can be created as a bathroom vanity sink so that it becomes a unique and stylish. You can use different types of objects as a vanity (which consists of a dressing table, dressing mirror, shelves or storage cabinets, and sink) or a sink from an old wooden cabinet rustic or retro style. You can find them in the countryside, flea markets, or a vintage furniture store.


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vintage bathroom ideas


The most important thing to consider is the strength and durability. With older models or vintage furniture for example, you must make sure the goods are sturdy enough to withstand the sink and faucets, and be impervious to water. Choosing vintage bathroom decor for your bathroom is necessary calculation. Choice of decoration in this article can considered if you want to change the appearance of your bathroom with a touch of vintage as your vintage bathroom decor.