Vertical Garden Design Ideas

Vertical Garden Design Ideas

Having a beautiful garden is the wish for every homeowner. Watching the garden with various favorite flower blooming and green will provide tranquility as well as the satisfaction of the report. But the limitation of places to be a deterrent for someone to build a vertical garden especially if they live in urban areas with small houses. It is not possible to build a garden ideas there. But with these limitations arise various modification and variations of shapes and types of gardens as rock garden, roof gardens and also mini-sized garden. In the article will discuss about vertical gardens which becoming an alternative for you who have a narrow land.vertical wall garden design ideas

Vertical garden usually use the wall as the mainstream media. There are some points that you should give more attention in the wall. The surface of the wall made rude or not using a smooth layer. The wall better used brick-based because it is very good at absorbing water to your plants later. Alternatively, you can make a few pots of cement on the wall attached to the plant. Make some holes with a diameter of 8 cm and 5 cm depth is another method to plants. This is more practical and easy ways.

For the crop, the best use vines with green leaves like Petra Volubilis from South America. This plant will meet the wall and serve as a substitute for green grass. Combine with several types of flowers like red roses or orchids. A little touch by giving some rocks at the base of the vertical will beautify your wall garden. For best results, add water fountain designed to mimic waterfall.