Using green cabinets for kitchen design

The color green is a favorite for millions of people. Green is mostly associated with gardens, forests, flowers, basically, mother nature. It has a calming effect on many of us. With that being said, here are some ideas which you can use for your kitchen design.




In the first picture we have provided, our designers created a kitchen design with green and white cabinets fixed on the kitchen wall. The kitchen floor is designed with white and black tiles, which makes the floor and the cabinets blend in. White pots with green flowers are stationed to the left of the cooking stove. They add to the green-effect on the kitchen design.

Here, the use of green cabinets is combined with a wooden wall to design the kitchen.  The kitchen floor comprises of tiles with a back and white design.  Under the sink, all the cabinets used are of green color and above the sink, we have a combination of white and green. This particular combination is perfect in kitchen design. The sink is ceramic and is creamy-colored. The oven and the washing machine close to the sink are white.

In the last picture we have for you, our designers included a green and white mini-bar to add to the green effect of the cabinets. Above the stainless steel sink, the cabinet is designed with a picture of a lemon with ice in water. The floor, is again made of white tiles. The green cabinets are stationed next to the cooking oven and are right above the microwave.  The walls of the kitchen are painted in grey color.



If you love the feeling of calmness and serenity while you are in your kitchen, go for the colors green and white when decorating. Green color in kitchen design is mostly influenced by the cabinets.