Useful tips on how to hide wires in your home

Nobody wants cables and wires to be scattered all over the house, but with so much electronics nowadays, you can’t escape it. When wireless electricity becomes available, all these wire problems will be solved, but nobody knows when that day will come. The best way to hide wires and cables in your home is by using decorative items that precisely camouflage those wires that are almost impossible to hide behind furniture.

The cable box

Decorative accessories for wires


There are many accessories you can purchase which can help you hide wires in your home and one of those is the bird and leaves camouflage accessory. They are attached to the cables and can give a funny twist to the room. Another accessory you can use to hide you wires is the power block. These days, every little gadget has to be charged, and most times the socket looks ugly with all those wires everywhere around it. The power block, seated on the floor facing or backing the wall, helps to hide all the cables and improve the elegance and style of the place. If you are a homeowner dealing with a lot of wires from electronics, consider using the power block in your home.

Power blocker


The plug hub

Another tip on hiding wires is the use of covers for them. This keeps your walls from being damaged, and is an excellent safety prevention measure for small kids. These covers are mostly used for Television wires, but they are also suitable for sockets, CPU and other electronic cables. Wires are always a real pain. Getting tripped on cables may even damage the wire itself, so the covers and not only good for you, but for the wires themselves.

Cable fence

If you have similar awesome tips, share them with us. We would love to help out of anyone has a question about the article and where to get the mentioned above accessories.