Use decorative pillows to improve your home decor

Decorative pillows are arguably one of the best and cheapest ways of decorating your home’s interior. Apart from the home décor, they also add comfort to the room they are put in. If you have some boring sofas or counters, using decorative pillows can help you liven them up and add some color. If you have a room begging for a touch of color and style, modern decorative pillows could be just the perfect solution.

decorative pillows

Decorative pillows are mostly chosen based on the color inspiration. Well chosen cushions will draw inspiration from the already existing colors in the room décor, so that they are able to look good together. Try matching the color or style of the decorative pillows to the color or style of a unique painting, coffee table or a texture that is across the room. This is the perfect way to unify the look of the room you are decorating.



pillows for decor

Make sure you create a perfect look. Not all cushions and pillows are created equal, so matching them to the style of the room is a must. For a traditional room, choose decorative pillows that have oriental silk and brocades. Buy them in smaller sized, keep them in bunches to achieve a sense of symmetry and balance. For contemporary rooms, bold and striking decorative pillows which create a clean look are more preferable.


It is great adding décor to any room. However, give much need attention to functionality. If the cushions don’t come with removable washable covers, they can be a mistake for a home filled with kids and pets. Choose decorative pillows that can look great and can at the same time be washed and still retain the look you have worked so hard to achieve. Some people tend to overuse decorative pillows though, don’t be one of those people. You can achieve a lot with very little material.