Urban Garden Design

Urban Garden Design

Urban garden design — The garden is part of the home or community environment that serve as a green area. With the existence of this garden, the neighborhood residents every day to get something that is always fresh. And the concept of the best gardens are garden that can provide a refresher conditions for all people who enjoy it. In addition to functioning as a complement the aesthetics of the building, the garden also serves as a “pocket” for building more “breathable”.


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To create a good garden, it does not mean we have to grow plants or flowers are expensive. We can make a simple garden concept, but it can provide maximum benefit refreshment. Reduction of green land in urban areas tend to cause the child to play in the house, mall, or even on the road. To get around this, you can create a garden in your dwelling. Thus, your family has a pleasant green land, invigorating, and safe with this urban garden design.


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Stir in the living conditions of the current rapid urban garden concept in your house an effective alternative. The existence of the garden which could create a relaxing and refreshing its occupants darting through needed as a complement to your dwelling. A wide range of urban park concept you can apply to your dwelling. A minimalist concept of the garden but able to accommodate the need for green spaces for a dwelling. You do not need to provide a large area for this urban park concept. Narrow land can also be used as an urban garden for your dwelling. Placement of a neat plant, utilizing the facilities flowerpots, or terraced garden is an alternative to an urban garden. You could put a garden in the front yard, backyard or even your house rooftop. Good luck — urban garden design.