Unusual Office Desk Furniture

The focal point in any office is the office desk furniture. In corporate office buildings you usually don’t have any options for your office desk furniture, but if you’re designing a home office, then you can be more creative. In this post, we will show you some unusual office desk furniture.

The Max Ingrand desk is a single, continuous form, bended into an attractive-looking desk with a seat.

Max Ingrand desk

KKanapetko desk can be adjusted to accommodate up to three people.

KKanapetko desk

The Onelessdesk has a really creative design.


The Briefcase desk is made from recycled briefcases. The briefcases, which make up the office desk furniture, are actually drawers.

briefcase desk

The Baobab desk features a pretty fun design and bright colors. It is a great choice for a small home office.

baobab desk

Unusual office desk furniture can make your work space more attractive and fun. This can boost your creativity and productivity at work. Check out some more designs online.