Unusual interior door designs

The interior doors in your home can add a beautiful accent to your interior. There are many different interior door designs, made from various materials, with bright or neutral colors and all kinds of patterns. In this post, we will show you some unusual interior door designs.

folding interior door

This weird-looking interior door changes the traditional view of what an interior door should look like. The door features a striking design and natural, wood color, which adds warmth to the modern interior in neutral colors. It consists of horizontal beams, which slide to an opening. This impressive interior door adds character and personality to the interior of the home. It changes completely the way the interior design looks and feels. When it is closed, the interior door looks just like a regular interior door, except for its huge size. When you push it, it creates an attractive and surprising wavy form.

interior door

An unusual interior door can bring really surprising decorative accents to any modern interior design, personalizing rooms and creating interesting and unique home space. Modern interior door designs with creative painting and special effects add interest to the rooms’ interior design and decoration. This crashed door design is eye-catching, unique and impressive.

sliding door

This wooden, sliding interior door looks really beautiful and interesting. It is a great solution for interior design with other natural elements like the stone walls in the room. This interior door will look great with minimalist modern, rustic or industrial-style interior design. Its unusual shape will add a unique point of interest to any room you choose. This is an example how you can combine functionality and style in the interior door design.

There are many creative and unusual interior door designs. You can even order custom made interior doors to match the style of your home. Check out some pictures online for inspiration.