Unusual desk designs for car enthusiasts

The design of your desk is important. You spend long hours every day working at your desk. It needs to be comfortable, functional and attractive. In this post, we will show you some unusual desk designs for car enthusiasts.

This unusual desk looks really cool. Turning a car into a desk is a bold and costly enterprise, but if you could afford it, you won’t be disappointed. You can order a custom made car desk complete with working hazard lights, headlights, horn and spotlight as well as a stereo, set into the dashboard, and a choice of tire and steering wheel colors and types. You can also choose the material for the top surface of your desk, which can be leather, wood, metal or colored vinyl. The car itself can be re-colored to match the interior of your office. Don’t forget to add your own custom license plate.


If you love decorating your home and office with various unusual items, here’s a really good idea for you – turn parts of an old car into a fully functional office desk. This way you’ll have a unique working environment. A car, which would normally go to junkyard, can be brought back to life in a pretty creative way. This is probably the dream of all car enthusiasts. You might even become more productive at work, since you’ll enjoy your office and staying in front of the computer all day.

car desk

If you want to add class and style to your office, you can choose a 57 pink Chevrolet and convert it into an office desk. Actually, you can pick any car you want and can find into a piece of furniture. Since all of these desk designs are custom made, you can choose pretty much every feature of your new desk. And if you don’t want to use original cars and equipment, you can get replicas.

cool desk

If you’re a car enthusiast and work in your own office, get a cool car desk. You won’t even need other decorations in the office. Now you can make going to work really fun.