Unusual Bathtubs

Unusual Bathtubs

Unusual bathtubs can be a choice for your bathroom. Soaking in the bathtub can make the body become relaxed. But not just any bathtub suitable placed in your bathroom. Known to the public as a bath tub for soaking. Generally, this tub is made of acrylic or fiberglass with a variety of shapes and size variants. There are also variations in other materials such as enamel-coated metal or wood that were given water-resistant coating.


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There are two variations based on the use of bathtubs, namely the Western and Eastern styles. Western style bathtubs are used in a lying position so that the shape is more shallow and long. Meanwhile, Eastern style of bathtub commonly known as Ofuro in Japan, used in an upright sitting position to form deeper and shorter. In addition to the two variations of it, there are also various forms of the tub. Be smart in choosing the right form to put in your bathroom. Especially for unusual bathtubs.


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The most common is a regular bathtub, the bathtub-shaped rectangle that can be placed anywhere. Size also varied, can be tailored to the needs. There are also bathtub-shaped angled, so they can save space. For a larger area, could use a circular bathtub that gives effect to the luxurious bathroom. There is also a type known as clawfoot because its not tied up in the room and have some sort of ‘legs’ at the bottom. This form has been used since the classical era and are generally decorated with ornaments typical of the period, therefore suitable for classic style bathrooms. In addition to variety of forms, bathtub also has various facilities such as hot tub (bathtub equipped with heater) and whirlpool (equipped with air bubbles that had been expelled by the pump). All have advantages and uniqueness of each, just select the appropriate size and style of unusual bathtubs for the bathroom in the house.