Unique office desk designs

There are lots of cool furniture designs and high-quality materials, which can be used for office desks. There are office desk designs, created for small spaces, which are functional and look attractive. Other office desk designs are more suitable for large spaces, where they can add style and accentuate the beautiful interior of the room.

The Treasury Table office desk is a very special desk, equipped with many drawers of different sizes. It also features an opaque glass surface, which will help you keep everything hidden underneath. This versatile office desk is specially designed to be used in different situations – as a work station or even as a place to store tools in the garage.

treasury table

The Wave Desk is a really attractive office desk, created with the help of a new technique of slicing the wood. Two towers of sliced wood support the large surface. This office desk also features drawers and a pull-out work surface.

wave desk

The Covet Desk is an amazing office desk design, which allows you quite a few storage options. It can hold stacks of office documents and files in a neat compartment under the desk. This way, you can clear all the clutter from the surface of your office desk. All the files and folders, stored underneath, don’t impede comfortable seating.


The Reindeer Desk is a beautifully designed office desk, shaped like a deer. This is a beautiful solution for modern offices. The white desk explores the form of a reindeer’s silhouette and offers a beautiful, contemporary alternative to the boring, traditional office desk. This office desk offers a comfortable space for writing and reading, while decorating the space at the same time.

reindeer desk

The Lane Desk is an office desk, designed for clarity and functionality. It appears to be made from a single piece of solid wood and a drawer unit. The modular storage unit adds a point of interest with its contrasting design. It supports the main structure of the office desk and is fully functional.

lane desk