Unique Bed Designs

Unique Bed Designs

Unique bed designs — The bed is a simple thing in daily life. However, in the hands of the designers of furniture, beds ¬†transformed into a sophisticated aesthetic objects. Unique bed will increase the attractiveness of your bedroom. You do not have to painstakingly decorating the entire room. The bed is instantly unique role as a center point in the room. Here are some of the unique design of the bed.


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The designers who take shelter in the French onion BedUP companies harness technology to design the lift bed unique. The bed that can be hidden in the ceiling when not in use. If sleepy and wanted to sleep, owners live press a button to lower the bed from the ceiling. At first glance, the way it works is quite similar to a bed technology that appeared in James Bond movies older titled “You Only Live Twice”, but with a more advanced design. The installation was done with quite interesting in order to maintain indoor comfort. Rollaway bed is not new. BedUP principle is the same, namely to use a wall or ceiling to keep the mattress so that the room more freely. This sort of thing may be suitable for people who have such a narrow area in New York. Need ingenuity to design a small room to be more liberal. One of them by hiding equipment and materials when not in use. Another frequently used way is by combining the functions of designer furniture such as cabinets and stairs to bed with a closet. BedUP makers claim their product is a combination of comfort, security and flexibility.


unique bed designs


There’s above are a type of bed ‘float’. This unique bed designs corresponds to the trend of development of homes that tend to minimalist yet modern style. The bed of this type is suitable to support the modern atmosphere of your bedroom.

There are so many kinds of other unique bed you can see in this article. Maybe one of them you can make an inspiration in designing your bedroom — unique bed designs.