Tropical Terrace House

Tropical Terrace House

Tropical Terrace House —┬áThe house is a container from a variety of activities. Many human activities that require certain prerequisites that can be done in an optimal activity. Humans need a certain comfort conditions in order to perform the activity comfortably. And all this can be summarized in one section, ie: Houses. However, because the climate is always changing in the extreme outside, humans need a container that can accommodate a certain comfort in order to create conditions that conditioned changes in its container, so that the limits of human physical comfort is not exceeded. Well, the house is responsive and respond to these climatic conditions is the home to apply the principles of bio-climatic architecture is the architecture of a tropical one.


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<strong>Tropical Terrace House</strong>



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The main thing to be achieved by application of the principles of Tropical Architecture in the tropical house is harmony. The effect of the alignment is good comfort of temperature, air circulation, humidity, lighting and local ecosystems. To design a house with tropical architecture, a lot of things to do. One is to design a house with a terrace right. Terrace not only serves for the living room, but the actual climatic very useful as a space between. Function of the climatic terrace is like a cold room, the hot air that comes into the house through an open area shaded first, automatic temperature will drop so that the air entering the house would be cooler than the outside air. Terrace also reduce direct sunlight into the house because of blocked roof terrace in front of the house.


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The thing about the terrace is one of the essential principles of the common elements used for tropical building. Please take the essence, but do not get stuck on the shape and form. The essence is a principle which is fixed while the form is a container that can be composed, depending on the understanding, taste and creativity. Look closely before designing your home. Make comfort a key element in designing your home.