Traditional Kitchen Design by Joan Nemirow

Traditional Kitchen Design by Joan Nemirow – Joan Nemirow recently introduced a new kitchen design and today he take the concept of a traditional kitchen design in the 18th and 19th. This design is inspired by classic furniture collections at the British Museum in London and Passage Verdeau Museum in Paris. Parts of lighting more highlighted than other furniture of the kitchen. Joan Nemirow choose design of ancient lamps with dark-colored steel frame and embellished with carvings. Headlight design reminiscent of 19th century are still using oil lamps for lighting equipment.

Traditional Kitchen Layout by Joan Nemirow

Next on the kitchen table. The kitchen table was designed using Oak wood that has a strong fibers to support the load and has smooth texture to make the kitchen more beautiful. Staining using a dark brown color to keep maintain the structure of the wood fiber for classical nuanceĀ  feel stronger. Ancient handle design on a small cupboardĀ  of the table reinforce the feel of the kitchen at 19th and 18th. For more designs, provide exclusive photos of Joan Nemirow’s traditional kitchen design.

Traditional Kitchen Style by Joan Nemirow