Tips for Gardening in House with Small Terrace

Tips for Gardening in House with Small Terrace

Small ares is not a barrier for you to have a green and beautiful terraces. Many alternatives you can choose to decorate, one of which is a potted plant.

Pot is flexible medium and easy to use. You can change the decor ideas easily fit the needs and tastes, hanging pots or arrange a terraced thus giving the impression of a more varied.terrace</em></strong>-with-potted-plants”>Decorating Small <span style=

Small size of the pot that makes you more flexibility in structuring and placement.Today, there are a lot of pot designs on the market and it’s give you more decorating ideas to choose the design style. Minimalist pot is a good option because it’s suitable for all types of homes. There are many types of pots based materials such as bamboo, wood, clay, pottery, ceramics, etc.

Here are tips from to decorating your small terrace with planted pot:


Hanging Pot for Small Terrace

Hanging potted plant

Here we are talking about decorating terrace in small home using potted plant, so the size becomes a major problem to be solved.

  • You can modify candelas into small rack that can accommodate 2 to 3 mini pots size. Creating a framework of iron then taped on the wall using a nut.
  • If the first option is not possible, try to hang a few pots. For hanging pots should be made from wood, bamboo or plastic that is lighter and easier installation process.
  • Other option is to put the pot on a small table where you usually drink tea during the afternoon. Or you could put a medium sized pot in every corner of the porch. Use pots made from hard like cement and ceramics that are not easily shake and fall.

Selection of plants

Sansevieria Flower for Small Terrace


Choose leafy plants and give the green scenery. Sansevieria you can plant. Don’t plant a thorny plants such as roses or cactus. Although beautiful but very dangerous because we will plant them in terrace and terrace is a place where children play. Treatment plants also must not be forgotten as watering, fertilizing and pruning.


Tropical Plants for Small Terrace

Anthurium is perfect for tropical climate

For environmental factors can be adjusted at a place where you live. If you live in the tropics and subtropics, you can choose plants according to your taste because all types of plants can flourish in tropical and subtropical climate. Anthurium is the good selections. But don’t be forget about some tips on choosing plants above.