Tips for Decorating Chairs with Beautiful Flower

Tips for Decorating Chairs with Beautiful Flower

It seemed a pity if the seat guests left plain. Better to decorate with flowers to compliment your wedding pr another events. Not to difficult to make your chairs more fashionable with many flower decorating style. Today will provide you some tips to decorating your chairs for your special moments.

Interest able to conjure up feel of the room to be more fresh, vibrant, and beautiful. In addition to the wedding area, you can put flowers on the seat guests. Symbolically, the guests chairs would you pass along the aisle toward the altar, or blessing ceremony, “accompany” the bride step toward a new round of life. Flowers are draped, of course the more adorn this ceremony.
wedding chair decorated with flower
Want to make it? Just remember the advice from Preston Bailey, renowned decorator who subscribed to the celebrities, “Creating an entrance is the most Important thing of a party. You want to get Their (the guests) attention. “

So, are you and the decorator must do is:

  • Calculate the area of ​​the room so you can decide whether the size of the flowers used.
  • Not all seats must be draped flower. Choose a chair that was in the back end as a marker and barrier to other seats.
  •  Choose flowers that have the same theme with floral decorations as a whole.
  • In addition to the side of the chair, flowers can also be taped or wrapped with ribbon wire sweet. Make sure the webbing is strong to withstand the load on the next flower vase.
  • Choose neutral shades of seats, so the flowers and ribbon will be visible contrast in the blend of different colors.

Not yet pictured flower arrangements that fit? Wait for our new update about how to make your own wedding chairs decoration. So, never missed update from home trend and design ideas.