Tips for creating your home cinema

Home cinema, also known as home theater, is the home entertainment system that seeks to reproduce a movie theater experience and mood, with the help of video and audio equipment inside or outside a private home.  A typical home cinema should include video and audio input devices, audio processing devices such as amplifiers, audio outputs which should consist of minimum 2 speakers, video output such as a HDTV and last but not least, an ideal atmosphere. Comfortable seating and organization improve the theater feel in our home cinema.



The acoustic system of the home cinema also needs to be worked on. Higher-end home theaters normally have sound insulation which prevents noise from escaping the room, and a specialized wall treatment to balance the sound within the room. Some home cinema fans can even go as far as building a dedicated room in their homes just for the cinema, but that often includes sophisticated acoustic design elements, which may include “room-in-a-room” construction than isolates sound and provides the potential for a nearly ideal listening environment.





Home cinema seating includes chairs specifically engineered and designed for viewing movies in a personal home theater setting. Home cinema chairs should have a cup holder built into their armrests between each seat. Home cinema seating tends to be more comfortable than seats in a public cinema.


The example is of home cinema screening room with the video projector mounted on the ceiling. Built-in shelves provide a place for movie decor, DVD, and equipment. To the sides of the cinema screen, is where the audio receiver, DVD player and the video game system are located. Some people have expanded the idea and constructed mobile drive-in theaters that can play movies in public open spaces. These, however, usually require a powerful projector, a laptop or DVD player, outdoor speakers to broadcast the audio.  The most-expensive home cinema set-up, can cost over $100,000(US), have expensive digital projectors and projection screens.