Tips for Choosing Lighting Decoration for Workspace

Lighting Decoration

Working means of production activity within the time prescribed by ourselves, or others. The product is the result obtained after our move to work. Well, to produce products according to our wishes, what is needed?

minimalist and comfortable workspaceTools and body movement (ergonomic) at work is the most important thing. Two things that should be looked at closely. Appropriate means that space to provide flexibility and ease to use tool. Also remains comfortable space used for work activities in a long time.

Activity work also means that process data captured by the senses, then mixed with logic (mind) and feeling (the heart). The atmosphere of the room should be in accordance with the product to be produced. Products that “serious” like a machine and the installation of complex needs serious atmosphere of the room. The products taste & sensory stimulation plays (creative product) should be produced in the atmosphere of a room that supports the position of “creative”.

comfortable workspace lighting photosLighting decoration arrangements, it is important to set the senses of sight in order to sense the eye can see and work with the optimal without causing pain in the eye. For lighting in the workplace there are conditions that must be fulfilled :

  • Lighting used in the workplace should use white lights and do not cause a change in color of the object because the lights are working
  • Lamps used for lighting in the workplace may not cause excessive heat that it interferes with work productivity
  • When the light source of illumination that is used leads to an increase in temperature, the temperature should not rise above 32 Celsius.
  • Lamp illumination sources that give rise to smoke should not be used in the workplace because they interfere with work productivity.
  • Light used for illumination intensity of light should be relatively fixed, spread flat and should not be blinking.
  • For the workspace using the work equipment is not advisable to use rotating fluorescent light.
  • The work performed and equipment storage room, the intensity of the recommended minimum 100lux.
  • For jobs such as machine work, assembly, minimum intensity 100lux.
    For jobs in the administration, control room, assembly, minimum intensity 300lux.
  • For jobs such as drawing, checking work with the production machine, the intensity minimum is 500lux.
  • For jobs such as color selection, assembly, carving, minimum intensity is 1000lux.
  • For jobs such as carved by hand, assembly of micro-sized items, minimum intensity 1500lux without shadows.
  • For a very thorough job such as inspection of goods is very smooth, without a shadow 3000lux minimal intensity.

Well, the lighting decoration conditions of space above the guidelines that help us in designing the study. Corresponding light intensity, and flat. How to produce a uniform color? One way is to paint a bright color selection, and the use of lamp shades that light propagates.

comfortable workspace design photosThis above is a standard problem that needed for visual workspace. Then, what is needed other senses? Utilization of air freshener on cultivated workspace does not cause noticeable chemical odor. Information on safety, portfolio and inspiring words can increase feelings of safety and performance. As for hearing, avoid noise over 85desibel. Noise in a long time can damage the comfort of work, and undermine the sense of hearing.

For the convenience of the workplace atmosphere liver or sensory feelings, you should avoid the flow of conditioned air directly into contact with skin. In addition to causing skin to become dry, also interfere with concentration at work. Hopefully with these tips, your work space more comfortable, and you can work more productively.