Tips for Building a Natural Shades Bathroom

Tips for Building a Natural Shades Bathroom

Currently, a bath is no longer viewed as simply a body activities. Moreover, in the busy day that very time-consuming. Bath was considered a special time where body and mind can relax for a moment. Therefore, any bathroom design should support the activities of relaxation.

One is the design that puts the natural element. Objects are associated with realms not only able to pamper the eyes, but also stimulate other senses. For example, the ear hears the sound of flowing water, soles of the feet feel the roughness floor.
minimalist and natural shades bathroom design
Some of the following methods can be done to bring the atmosphere of nature into the bathroom.

  • Create large aperture in the bathroom that can enter the outside green trees to the House. Sunlight can be illuminating bathroom area and wipe out the humidity and unhealthy. Fear of looking people when taking a shower? Create the aperture which are located at the top, at least above the height of head.
  • Select natural materials like natural stones or branches. The rough natural stone texture makes the bathroom area feels like in the wild, reminiscent of a pond or river. While branches of wood can be used as a towel or clothes hanger.
  • Equipment such as bathroom sink, faucet, bathtub, can be selected which designs take inspiration from nature. The equipment can be made from organic-shaped clay. Animal ornaments such as dragonflies, frogs, fish, or tortoise can reinforce the impression of natural baths.
  • Apply it with a bathroom with natural colors. Green, who took inspiration from plants can be applied. Integrate this with brown ground color, as well as the color of grey stone, to create a perfect replica of the wild.

And bellow some gallery of beautiful design of bathroom for more inspiration: