The white decor

The white decor

Our series of articles dedicated to the power and application of colors in contemporary interior design continues with a post on one of our numerous decor suggestions – an apartment in white. This color tends to be rather underrated, the truth is that it conveys serenity and purity; thus it can be a suitable solution for any interior. So, let us elaborate some more on the topic, so that you can get a pretty clear picture of this white paradise.

We have tried to create an impeccable white relaxation spot in the common area of the apartment. As for the functional spot designed as a dining area, the only exception would be the brown chipboard panels, which resemble wood. Moving on to the kitchen you will find the white glossy surfaces that blend so well with the stainless steel appliances. The LED strips and the small moon-like lamps placed around the cabinets and behind the panel attached to the wall create an incredible atmosphere. A small, but important aspect would be the brown shelves, which have specifically been installed for books or family photos. The dining table adds the finishing touch and gently connects this functional spot to the living room.

And speaking of the living room, we have tried to turn it into a relaxation hub. A white sofa chair and a comfortable white sofa account for the smooth surroundings. The additional white boards on the sides of the sofa seem to have specifically been designed so that you can unwind with a glass of red wine at the end of the day. The light boxes on the walls are decorated with whimsical mosaic, while the funny shaped lamps that hand from the ceiling create a futuristic feeling.

Since the article is about the use of white color in interior design, it would remain unfinished if we had failed to touch on the bathroom. The room will not be left behind, having in mind that white decoration and bathroom furnishing go hand in hand. Our white project has a few good ideas here as well – laminated flooring, brown shelves, small pots of greenery, surrounded by white pebbles. The finishing touch is added by the white tiles and the numerous sweet scents that come from the bath tub decoration bits.