The staircase decorations

The staircase decorations

Staircases do not normally feature in many interior design articles. The reason for this is obvious – not so many people can afford to live in a place that requires a staircase. The lucky few though, who happen to be living in a house or a penthouse could do with a few interior design ideas on their staircase, which is the reason why this article has been posted. Flooring and materials used can definitely vary; the important thing is that the staircase should fit in the overall interior concept.

We have decided to present to you a few staircase designs, which hopefully will get you going so that you can create a picture in your head of how your staircase should look like.
Our first suggestion would be the slightly curved staircase that creates a splendid visual effect. The iron railing seems to be taking you back to the ancient Greek cities and is a perfect match for the iron railings on the balcony. The laminated flooring provides for a smooth transition between the tiles in the hallway and the flooring upstairs.
The second suggestion would include a staircase with wrought iron railings. The flooring consists of fine stoneware tiles, while the space on the wall is utilized by placing a few shelves for your favorite books or family photos.

Staircases are an indispensable part of houses and multi-level apartments, hence they should be treated the same way we treat the rest of the home interior. Again, we should follow the functionality rules, while at the same time the staircase should look good and fit into the overall design idea. The best approach would be to take into consideration the two floors, which it connects, so that you can rest assured that your home’s décor will be flawless!