The shaggy carpet – a must-have home accent element

Every house or apartment needs a few elements to turn it into a real home. Most often these are personal belongings of its occupants – family photos, coats hung on clothes racks in the hallway or a book on the nightstand. Comfort and coziness can turn your living space into a real home. To achieve real comfort, you need to place a special accent in your home. Why not choose a shaggy carpet?

The shaggy carpet has a rustic charm, which can soften any style of interior. It is not a coincidence that the shaggy carpet has been a trendy accent element for quite some time. It adds beauty and style to your home. It is a great choice of interior decoration. The shaggy carpet also provides good floor insulation in the cold winter months. It is best to place a shaggy carpet in your living room or bedroom. Imagine its warmth and softness under your feet.

shaggy carpet

If you want to get a shaggy carpet as an accent element for your home, you have a number of options. There are different sizes, shapes, colors, styles and materials. You need to keep in mind that a shaggy carpet may present a real challenge, when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Besides a vacuum, you will also need to use a flat brush. However, a shaggy carpet is still worth all this trouble. It is a really beautiful accent element for your home.

grey shaggy carpet

To choose the best shaggy carpet for your interior, it is important to consider its style. It can have a rustic, vintage or modern look. Make sure the other decorations in the room work well with it, rather than against it. The material your shaggy carpet is made of is another important thing you need to consider. A lot of shaggy carpets are made from hand-woven wool. They are also the most expensive and the most difficult to clean. The vacuum won’t help and you’ll need to take them out and beat the dirt out of them. For rooms with heavy traffic, it is better to choose a nylon shaggy carpet. This option is less expensive, you can choose from a variety of colors and patterns, and you can clean it with a vacuum.

white shaggy carpet

A shaggy carpet will make for a beautiful accent element in your home. Once more it has become a popular home decoration. Make sure you choose a shaggy carpet, which you love and which will last for years to come.