The rise of the ‘gardesk’

The rise of the ‘gardesk’

It’s sunny outside, but you’re off to work clinging to the hope that you’ll be able to catch a few rays either over lunch or once your working day is done. As part of your working day, the commute to work can be long and arduous so the summer is a perfect time to combat both of these irritants by working from home for a couple of days each week – if the boss is happy for you to do so!


Depending on your current situation, it could also help to reduce your home insurance premium.


All types of individuals who can be self-motivating can benefit from working from home. Of course, the biscuit jar may be closer so there are other challenges to be faced.


Once you’ve set your ‘gardesk’ (see what we did there…) up with your laptop, mobile, cup of tea and the biscuit jar, you’ll be firing on all cylinders. In fact, an official report found that those working from home are actually 12% more productive.


All well and good but a word of warning: if you do pop inside to answer the landline, make a brew or simply to answer a call of nature, do consider your gardesk and its contents. A nice afternoon working in the garden can quickly become a nightmare if an opportunist thief suddenly swipes your laptop and other items causing you to dig out the home insurance policy, dust it down and put it in to action.


These days, a decent laptop could set you back by as much as £1,000, alongside a smartphone (£200 ish), add the contents you may have on either and you’re already down by some £2,000. There’s  also a growing risk of thefts from garden sheds, so the threat of someone entering your garden to steal items is very real.


Home insurance policies should cover thefts of this nature but it’s always a good idea to keep documents to hand and, as your life requirements change, make sure you adapt your home insurance policy as necessary. We’ve all got thousands of pounds worth of portable technology these days, but it’s the digital assets that have been bought and downloaded to the items that also need consideration – sometimes, they are worth more than the actual item itself. is currently offering 25% off buildings and contents insurance (as of time of editing – 13 August) so do think of us when it comes around to renewing your home insurance.