The perfect children’s bathroom design

Decorating a child’s bathroom could be a bit of a challenge. It is easier when it’s a bathroom one child, but when you are decorating a bathroom for mixed gender children, it becomes more difficult. Girls appreciate plastic dolls and dinosaurs, and only a few boys will consider plastic princesses. You can choose a lot of neutral themes for the bathroom such as car themes, garden themes, animals or clowns. These will be liked by both the girls and the boys. Choose neutral colors as well.

kid's bathroom design


When planning the accessories for your child or children’s bathroom, keep in mind that they will not last forever. For young kids, it is very easy to make the bathroom child friendly, by adding colorful shower curtains and plastic toys. Use opaque shower curtains when dealing with mixed gender kids, to give them some privacy. Put in a non-slip step so they can reach the sink, when they need to brush their teeth or wash their faces. The step is a must-have accessory for little children’s bathroom.

The child’s bathroom can be made to look like a jungle, space station, zoo or a beach with the simple addition of inexpensive accessories. You can get towels with Disney designs on them or with different cartoon pictures. Just the towels, can change the look of the bathroom. Involve your child in the decoration of the bathroom. After all, their imagination is much bigger than ours, and they will be the ones using the bathroom.



Brightly colored inexpensive bath mats are important for the children’s bathroom. This will help prevent your child from slipping and improve the overall safety of the room. Consider removing sharp objects from the bathroom and replace them with child friendly stuff. For the mirror, you can use some stickers to decorate it. For example, if it is a girl’s bathroom, you may apply some Barbie stickers and for boys, stick some cars or sport stickers.


For the lighting of the bathroom, you can install several wall lamps, or have LED lighting above the sink and in the shower. You kid will definitely like this. Color plus light are two things kids love in a room, and the bathroom is no exception. Hang some colorful wall pictures of flowers, places or animal, so you can occupy the walls and not just leave them empty. If not, you can use wallpapers to make the walls colorful and when the child is grown, you won’t have to worry about repainting. You can just remove the wallpaper from the bathroom.

Buy multi-colored toothbrushes for your kids and place them in a colorful brush cup or holder. That will even encourage them to brush their teeth often without you having to tell them. Teach your kids the safety precautions they need to follow when they are in the bathroom to avoid mishaps. Your kids will spend a lot of time in the bathroom, so try to make it look as good as you can.

Tell us what you think about this article and if you have kids, tell us how you decorated and designed their bathroom. We would love to hear your awesome stories.