The kitchen bar – a tool to separate and bring together at the same time!

The kitchen bar – a tool to separate and bring together at the same time!

A good few decades ago, the kitchen bar was one of the rarest interior design elements and only a few homes used to have one in their dining rooms or kitchens. As a matter of fact, such homes used to be classified as a bit pompous in those days. So now, we are going to study the kitchen bar in present days, so that we can see how the idea evolved over the years.

Well, honestly speaking, it seems that the kitchen bar has gone a long way. From a rarely used interior design solution it has turned into a triumph of modern furnishing. Having said that, please do not take it that you will find one in every home you visit, but the bar is that piece which conveys the feeling of both serenity and dynamics in contemporary interior designs.

With reference to our title’s heading, let’s see what it is, that the kitchen bar separates and what it is, that it brings together. Well, this at least should be an easy one to answer – the bar separates the space into functional zones while at the same time it gathers people around it!

There is no denying – the kitchen bar is everyone’s favorite when it comes to a comforting drink after the office hours are over anticipating the delicious set of meals that are to come. But there is more to the idea – in contemporary homes, the daytime common space is divided into separate functional zones without the help of walls, so that no space shall be lost – there is the cooking zone, the dining zone and the living room one. The interior design solution that best accomplishes this mission is the kitchen bar. It definitely makes the separate zones be more visible, as it is the border that separates the cooking zone from the rest. The location is also of importance – there are two widely accepted approaches – you can position it so that you will be facing either the windows or the TV. And in case the kitchen bar is partially into the dining room, you can easily use it to serve snacks or drinks during family gatherings or parties with friends.