Teen Bedroom Design Ideas

Teen Bedroom Design Ideas

Designing a teen bedroom is not easy because the tastes when they was a small boy and now as the teenagers is very different. Perhaps when they was small, your child like a bed super hero or car bed design ideas, but this should not apply again as he gets older. Maybe now they preferred decoration of their favorite bands, racing or a celebrity.

Not only for design, but also the selection of appropriate and beneficial furniture is factor that must be taken. There is furniture from the old room which is still functioning properly and can be used. Wall clocks, curtains, light is furniture that can still be used on your new teenager room. Then how to design a room that is suitable and preferred for your teen? Here HomeTrendy.org give some tips to decorate teen bedroom:
Teen Boy Bedroom Design Ideas

Discussion is the first step you should do to know the tastes and desires of your son. It is sometimes difficult and the nature of adolescents who tend to hide what they want. But with the approach and good communication, it is not difficult to obtain the favorite decoration of your child.
Teenagers are very prioritizes privacy on goods they have, and most of them hide in the room. Therefore they are very protective of her bedroom. In addition they also have their own world where no one is allowed to enter and maybe you as parents as well. For that give them room on the second floor or away from the family room and kitchen so that they feel comfortable to privacy.
Size is also a priority which should not be missed. The size of furniture such as beds, chairs, and tables should also be adjusted as body growth. In addition to the bed, teens also need a wardrobe, study table, and furniture to put the audio device, computer or gaming station that may be held.
Design and Color
Teenagers have a good taste for design and color of the bedroom. Give freedom to them about how to layout and the colors they will use as room decorations. Bedroom design style is the most attractive and modern minimalist style with some extra decorations. They usually add a few poster artist or an athlete on the walls and display some of the accessories of his idol.

But not all teenagers want to decorate their own rooms and hand over fully to the parents. For that HomeTrendy.org provide some best teenage bedroom designs are selected from several well-known designers.

Contemporary Bedroom Design for Teen