Take a look at a fabulous luxury home

Take a look at a fabulous luxury home

The post below will comment on a spectacular example of home luxury and functionality in a modern interior design. The best starting point for our tour would be the dining room. The design concept is based on the use of the white color, as the perfect tool to increase the space visually. The strongest impression is made by the white table and chairs. A closer look reveals that white is used for the floor, the lights, and the door. The idea is both simple and smart –create the absolute atmosphere of limitless space! The furniture bits suggest a smart choice that had a clearly set goal – functionality!

Moving to the kitchen will only strengthen out amazement. The design is based again on the white color, however this time in an unparallel combination with gold nuances. The counter, the cupboard and the hood are all white, however a more detailed reading of the picture reveals the gold handles – a fantastic decision! Every bit of space has been utilized to its maximum. The built-in kitchen appliances turn this luxurious kitchen into a real functionality hub. It is definitely a trend – more and more housewives decide to trust interior designers with regards to their kitchen, so that they can get a ready-to-use solution. It will definitely pay off to spend a few extra bucks on the kitchen equipment, as their quality will guarantee the long operational life! The verdict is obvious here – you do not really need to love cooking in order to feel splendid in this kitchen!


To make the story complete, let us take a peek into the bedroom. It is no exception – comfort, style and luxury reign inside. The tall wardrobe is particularly outstanding. The huge mirror on its doors further conveys the feeling of immense space, while the fact that it is so tall makes it even more functional and comfortable to use – there is literally room for every piece of clothing – even the ones you will not wear again! The floor is again with white nuances, just the perfect contrast for the dark bed and the decoration items. As for the lighting – no surprises here, it has been designed so as to serve the different activities that can take place inside the bedroom! And the finishing touch is the TV set – now what else can one wish for?!