Kids’ room wardrobe made from wood

When you’re looking for a wardrobe for a kids’ room, you need to focus on safety, durability, design, size and price. The best kids’ wardrobe should include shelves, hanging sections and drawers to fit all the kid’s items so that they are easily accessible. In this post we will give you a few suggestions for […]

A wardrobe with sliding doors

The wardrobe is probably the biggest piece of furniture in your bedroom. Besides functional, the wardrobe needs to be aesthetically pleasing. A wardrobe with sliding doors is an ideal space saving solution for any bedroom, providing a modern minimalist finish, which would make your bedroom even more attractive. If you decide to install a wardrobe […]

Wardrobe for your small bedroom

The two most important things you need to have in your bedroom are a bed and a wardrobe. Mirrors, desks, chairs are also stuff that you would like to have, but they are not as important as the bed and wardrobe. There are a lot of different designs for wardrobes depending on the individual they […]

Clothes closet design

Designing the clothes closet in your apartment is a demanding and challenging job. The thing is that the so-called storage room should not be overlooked as it builds on the level of functionality in the home décor and can really save you a lot of time. Modern homes tend to have a designated area, which […]