Living room projects and ideas

A living room is meant to be used, lived in, and loved all the time not only on special occasions or when company comes over. The main secret to having a living room that you can truly live in everyday is the material choices you select. The couch is most often the largest piece of […]

Kitchen and living room design

For people trying to renovate or decorate their new home, our designers have created a kitchen and living room 3D-project which shows how you can furnish and decorate them. The apartment being renovated has a combined kitchen and living room, but still looks tidy and pretty spacious. The kitchen and living room are divided with […]

Kitchen and living room combination

You have a small apartment? You need to combine two rooms together? Here’s an idea for you! Combine your kitchen and living room. In the picture provided for you, we are showing a perfect example of how to combine your kitchen and living room when you have limited space. As you can see, the kitchen is […]