L-shaped kitchen layout

The L-shaped kitchen is one of the standard kitchen layouts.  A L-shaped kitchen consists of work space on two adjoining walls perpendicular to each other. There are no traffic lanes flowing through the work area. The legs of the kitchen can be as long as you make them to be and you will need to […]

Kitchen and living room design

For people trying to renovate or decorate their new home, our designers have created a kitchen and living room 3D-project which shows how you can furnish and decorate them. The apartment being renovated has a combined kitchen and living room, but still looks tidy and pretty spacious. The kitchen and living room are divided with […]

Kitchen design suggestions

Before you can start designing your kitchen, you need to have a clear mind on how you want it to look, both in terms of design and also cabinet and appliance installation.  Kitchens can be U-shaped, L-shaped or a galley. Each shape has advantages and disadvantages in terms or cooking convenience, foot traffic , food […]

Kitchen and living room combination

You have a small apartment? You need to combine two rooms together? Here’s an idea for you! Combine your kitchen and living room. In the picture provided for you, we are showing a perfect example of how to combine your kitchen and living room when you have limited space. As you can see, the kitchen is […]