Purple for your interior design

Most people seem to have the impression that the color purple is for females or that it is a feminine color, but that is far from true. Purple was normally associated with royalty due to the high cost of producing the pigment, but in recent years, purple is being used to create a stylish and […]

House layout project

If your family comprises of three to four members and you are planning on building a new house or villa, here is the perfect project for you. Our designers have created a house project which includes a parking garage, two bedrooms, a combined toilet and bathroom, a living room, a kitchen and a with a […]

White exterior door for your home

A lot of issues regarding exterior door choice increase in number and complexity when considering the many types of doors, which include sliding and revolving doors. In small homes, the exterior door makes up just over 1% of the total surface area of the building. Most people prefer the interior side of the door to […]