Merging interior styles in the kitchen

Merging interior styles in the kitchen Contemporary interior design solutions in the kitchen are more or less based on a few basic principles: extensive use of embedded, built-in appliances, stainless steel or plastic shells and functionality in every details of the furnishing. So, what happens if we are of the romantic type and would like […]

African spirit in home décor

African spirit in home décor We have commented before on the different styles, which lie in the foundation of interior design trends. This time, we shall take a look at a home décor style, which reflects the spirit, ritual and emotions of a whole continent – the African interior style. It is well known for […]

Wall decorations

Wall decorations Decoration bits and elements play a very important role in modern interior design, since they can add the finishing touch and underline the focusing points in the apartment. Some of the easily overlooked decorations are the ones designed for your walls. In case there are too many shelves or cupboards on the walls, […]