Stones for decoration

Decorative stones are swiftly becoming the trend for homes and buildings. Coating an exterior wall and pairing with stucco in a coordinating color adds interest to the plain wall. There is a wide range of styles and colors to choose from, so you will definitely find the decorative stones you are looking for and it […]

Heating radiators in interior design

Heating radiators in interior design Heating systems in modern homes are widely used, since the appropriate temperature is part of the overall atmosphere and influences significantly the way we feel when inside. Heating systems can be local or central, but they are all based on the use of heating radiators. The only issue that arises […]

Wall decorations

Wall decorations Decoration bits and elements play a very important role in modern interior design, since they can add the finishing touch and underline the focusing points in the apartment. Some of the easily overlooked decorations are the ones designed for your walls. In case there are too many shelves or cupboards on the walls, […]