Bathroom towel hooks

Bathrooms today are so much more than just a room to wash up in. They are the focal point of homes most times. Little bathroom accessories, such as towel hooks, mirrors or shower curtains can drastically improve the décor of the bathroom. When designing the look and decor of a bathroom, every detail must be […]

Bathroom lighting ideas

Bathroom lighting is key and requires a lot of thought. What type of lighting we use, where to place the lights, what type of fixtures and finishes we want? Figuring out the basic concepts of bathroom lighting will make answering the above questions easy and result in a beautiful, well-lit bathroom. You need to consider […]

Bathroom design and ideas

The most prevalent bathroom trend is simple – bigger and better.  Bathroom design is all about maximizing the use of available space.  Today’s bathrooms are no longer functional, but a showroom of their own. True, the bathroom is just a small part of your home, but it is probably the room that contributes the most […]