Innovative handmade Christmas trees

Decorating the Christmas tree has always been a joyful time for family and friends. It is that time when creating something beautiful with the people you love overrides every negative feeling and perishes every depressing thought. Not everybody though approves cutting down trees. This is why people think of interesting and innovative ideas to replace […]

Breathtaking mansion in Spain, to dream for


If you have never been in Spain and more exactly in place, where you can find the traditional Spanish haciendas, so this material will show you the amazing beauty of this mansion.The renovation of this place is done by the architectural group Geschke Group. Walking on the curved path of colorful stones, leading to the […]

Apartment in Slovakia with inspiring children’s rooms


Recently our team is noticing more interesting interior design decisions coming from Slovakia. This is the reason of writing this article, as more particularly we will look at one apartment design idea, that has to show something, extraordinary and style. The interior design is designed by Rado Rick Designers. The apartment is property of one […]

Concept for living zone, reflecting your individuality


The new collection for decoration of day zone ADULIS of french manufacturers Gautier, offers one different concept for creation of stylish and functional environment for living, that we are pretty sure those who chech the article will understand how skillful this team are and what is their way of thinking. The visual lightness and elegant […]