Suitable carpet for your kid’s room

You can say a lot of things about children, but we all know that they are not mess and maintenance free. When choosing a carpet for your kid’s room, make sure you get one that is soft and can easily be cleaned.

The material of the carpet in your kid’s room will determine its stain resistance and durability. In most cases, parents go with branded nylon. You may also opt for wool, polyester or olefin; but they are more expensive and are less durable.

Blue carpet for kid's rooms

The best color for covering up dirt and stains is a medium-tone carpet. The natural flecks in the carpet make imperfections less noticeable. Dark colors are also a good option. You should definitely stay away from white and bright colors when choosing a carpet for your kid’s room. The style of the carpet you want to buy should suit and complement the whole style of the kid’s room.

Kid's room design


kid's room carpet

The more common shapes of kid’s room carpets are round, square and ellipse. However, you may choose from various other interesting shapes. If you know you kid’s favorite color, or animation, then you can get a carpet in that theme. The ability of the carpet to absorb sounds and noises from a room in spite of the kind of flooring – hardwood or tiles, makes it perfect for the children’s room.

carpet for kid's room

Kids love lying around on the floor while they are in the room, so you need to put a nice, soft rug in their room. The best thing about kid’s room carpets is that they come in various sizes and patterns. Natural fibers like wool are very easy to clean. Pat them dry with a towel and they will look like new. A carpet which has a game or a puzzle theme can keep your child occupied for hours, so you can experiment with economical area rugs.

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