Stylish Small Living Room

Stylish Small Living Room

Your living room is the most important part of your whole house, and the majority of people spend much time in the living room. This space is not just for a place to relax and socialize with the guests, but more than that it also describes the state space around the house. The stylish small living room should use a simple concept but full of playful accents. Do not design your living space with a complex design and most importantly, it must be a full-function space and reflect your personal. Wear items and furniture that are not high for an impressive geometric modern theme.


stylish small living room


When considering a color for the stylish small living room, use neutral colors for your walls and let the other elements of the room you are playing another color. Concrete example is the use of white or pastel colors for your walls and use a darker color for your furniture. Remember, modern living room using a matte paint finishes or even without any additional finishing. Accessories can also be in tune with contemporary design. Design of modern living does not mean you have to buy modern furniture items the update. Use only accessories that give the impression of modern pop art like painting, or use accessories silver, gray or black, this stuff is cheaper and still provide the same effect compared with modern furniture.


small living room decorating design


The first point and often a major concern when going to arrange the stylish small living room is a sofa or chair. Choice of sofa foam and soft, it is definitely convenient. Two different types of sofa with the design makes the space look even more dynamic, not rigid. Choice of colors calm and gradation, is popular to create a familiar and comfortable. Next, the lighting that supports a comfortable atmosphere.


small living room design


The important point is not to cause glare. White or yellow light would not matter, it’s just a matter of taste. Refract light surefire way to avoid excessive light is indirect light. Finally, other decorative elements. Such application or processed wallcover wall. There can put a wall cover in one of the walls decorated with large paintings and patterned wall cover that you like. Or to the living room or living room, we can replace the painting with guests such as photographs. Apply patterned wall cover, select your favorite suit. Or it could be replaced by applying paint with a color different from the dominant color of the room. Play with your creativity.